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Tall Punjabi Pot

(RRP: $4800)

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Dimensions: 178cm/ 63
Code: ZARABP03
Solid black finished cast brass/bronze Punjabi pot..these pots are handcrafted in traditional methods going back centuries. they are made by highly skilled metal workers whose craft have origins in the great metalworkers of times gone by, where weapons and armour were essential, and these skills are now directed to pots and other fine art.


 These skills have been refined until our modern day masters who focus mainly on decorative homewares including amazing huge pots, hand etched in traditional styles and finishes The Punjab is world famous for its metal work and they remain some of the finest exponents of this craft in India and indeed the world. These pots are much sought after in our range of products and have a huge impact on any decor and design situation. They age beautifully and are stunning feature for home, office, spa or temple...we have used them frequently for events and as on stage decor for concerts. Filled with palms, ferns, or large floral arrangements they are a unique splendour to behold as they have been through the East for centuries. These are one off items so let us know your interest. Arrived April 2014. WE SHIP AUSTRALIA WIDE. 

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