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Ganesh Statues

Ganesh Lava Stone 1m

(RRP: $1495)

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Dimensions: 100Hx50Wx40D
Code: GANJAV01
Lava stone Ganesha from Java..the remover of obstacles in the Hindu tradition..a beautiful Ganesha taking his sweets to sweeten the mood of the world..we can ship this piece to many parts of Australia.


This piece would be equally at home indoors, in a courtyard or out in the full lava stone Ganesha, at my front gate, has mossed up beautifully on one side and looks resplendent sitting amongst the flowers. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and patron of the arts in Hindu cultures, is much loved and worshipped throughout the world, both in the East and now the West. He is associated with abundance and prosperity, with many of the belief that honouring this big bellied deity will bring good fortune and a happy life.

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